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What about Building Links?

Most people have a basic understanding of what a link is: something we can click to get to another place online.

However, what about building links to improve your websites visibility? Should this be something you as a website owner be concerned about? Well, if you want eyes on your website there are three answers to this question, “yes,” “yes,” and “YES.”

Building links is the probably the most effective SEO technique you can use to secure high search engine rankings. Conversely, building links is the most difficult chore a SEO specialist can be tasked with.

When we think about how search engines work, it is easy to see how important building links is. Remember that search engines have software the crawls around the web and across the pages of your websites? Well, as they are crawling they follow links and the more times these spiders or crawlers follow links to your site, the more important or relevant that search engine will believe your site to be

In all actuality, search engines have no idea how awesomely life-changing your website is. After all, it is just a software program and does not need to lose any weight or whiten its teeth or meet new people. However, if the search engines see that you are popular with many other websites, they too will want to be your friend. Yeah, I know, I bet you though high school was over, didn’t you?

So, to truly be successful online, building links is a must.

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